The Warrior Queen of Jhansi


Swati Bhise


Cayenne Pepper Productions

This 2018 masterpiece, transports audiences back to the tumultuous year of 1857, where the courageous Queen of Jhansi, Lakshmibai, commands center stage in a gripping period drama. Inspired by true events, the film chronicles Lakshmibai’s resolute leadership as she fearlessly rallies her army against the formidable British East India Company during the historic mutiny. Through a compelling narrative lens, Queen of Jhansi illuminates the indomitable spirit of a queen who defied convention and fought relentlessly for her people’s freedom.


Atomic Arts wielded their expertise to transport the film seamlessly back in time, undertaking a multitude of tasks to enhance its historical authenticity. From meticulous periodization and expansive set extensions to crafting elaborate battle scenes, their contributions breathed life into the film’s historical landscape. Additionally, with precision and artistry, they skillfully executed the destruction of historic buildings, adding a visceral layer of realism to the narrative’s pivotal moments.