Robin Hood


Otto Bathurst



Robin Hood reimagines the timeless tale of the legendary outlaw with a fresh and gritty twist. Set against the backdrop of a war-torn land, the film follows a ar-hardened Crusader and his loyal Moorish commander as they lead a daring rebellion against the oppressive English crown. Amidst explosive battlefields and breathtaking fight sequences, the age-old story of Robin Hood unfolds with a modern edge, blending adrenaline-pumping action with a touch of romance. Directed with style and intensity, this thrilling adaptation brings new life to the iconic legend, offering audiences an exhilarating cinematic experience filled with heart-pounding adventure and unforgettable moments.

Atomic Arts brought their expertise to a diverse range of tasks for the project, including digital matte paintings, general composting, and extensive weapon extensions. Notably. in scenes featuring intense sword and dagger action, the team ingeniously utilized 3D CG blades, seamlessly inserted during post-production, this creative approach ensured both safety and visual authenticity, contributing significantly to the film’s dynamic and immersive action sequences.