Atomic Job Opportunities

Unfortunately we are not currently hiring in London.
Nevertheless, we welcome applications from individuals of diverse groups and backgrounds. We encourage you to explore opportunities that align with your skill set and expertise.

Kindly provide the following information when submitting your application:

  • Clearly mention your skill set (eg., Nuke Compositor) and expertise level (Junior/Mid- level/Senior) in the Subject Line.
  • Specify your avallability dates.
  • Attach your CV or portfolio along with your contact details.
  • Include a link to your Showreel (please refrain from attaching reels directly to emails).

Atomic Job Opportunities

We’re currently hiring in both our London & Mumbai studios. If we do not currently have a vacancy for your role, your details will go into our database for future consideration, so please send your details in.


Please ensure you include the following information:

  1. Your skillset (eg Nuke Compositor) & expertise (Junior/Mid-level/Senior) in the Subject Line
  2. Your availability date or dates
  3. A ball park of your rate
  4. Your CV & contact details
  5. A link to your showreel (please avoid attaching reels to emails)