You Should Have Left


David Koepp



In this eerie thriller, a former banker, his actress wife, and their lively daughter embark on a seemingly idyllic vacation to a scheduled modern home nestled in the serene Welsh countryside. However, their tranquil retreat takes a sinister turn as strange occurrences and unsettling secrets begin to surface, revealing that the picturesque decade of their getaway hides a dark and ominous reality. As tensions mount and their grip on reality starts to slip, the family must confront the chilling truths lurking within the shadows of their secluded sanctuary.

Atomic Arts was enlisted by Blumhouse Productions to craft the entire spectrum of visual effects for the film. Their meticulous work spans hundreds of shots, featuring breathtaking set pieces, dynamic water simulations, intricately designed digital vehicles, eerie transformations of architectural structures, and an array of spine-chilling elements throughout the movie.