Gavin Rothery



In this gripping sci-fi drama, George Almmore, a brilliant scientist, is on the brink of a groundbreaking achievement: creating a true human-equivalent AI. As he nears completion of his latest prototype, George grapples with the delicate balance between scientific progress and personal longing. Hidden beneath the surface lies his true motive: to use the AI to resurrect his deceased wife. However, as George delves deeper into the murky waters of ethics and morality, he realizes that the line between creation and manipulation is blurrier than he ever imagined, leading him down a perilous path where the boundaries of love and technology intertwine in unexpected ways.


Atomic Arts was very proud to deliver around 100 VFX shots for this most intriguing premise. The work we did included bringing the robot characters to life by creating moving hips and legs, as well as performing many other elegant digital solutions throughout the film.


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