World On Fire


Chanya Button et al.


Mammoth Screen

Set against the backdrop of World War II, ‘World on Fire’ is a gripping drama series penned by Peter Bowker. This mini-series delves into the hidden lives of ordinary individua;s from diverse backgrounds spanning Britain, Poland, France, Germany, and the USA. Through shifting scenes across multiple locations in Europe, the narrative unfolds, offering a poignant portrayal of how the war profoundly impacts the lives of everyday people across different nations.

Atomic Arts undertook an array of 2D and 3D tasks for the production of ‘World of Fire’, with a particular focus on environmental enhancements. Given the narrative’s setting during the winter, our team was entrusted with the intricate task of removing snow and introducing foliage to barren trees across both foreground and background elements in numerous scenes. In instances where a more intricate approach was required, we seamlessly integrated fully generated 3D leaves into the dynamic compositions. Adapting the seasons to align with the storytelling vision was executed with precision and expertise.

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