The Northman


Robert Eggers


New Regency

Embarking on a riveting odyssey through the rugged landscapes of Viking lore, “The Northman” weaves a tale of vengeance and destiny. Prince Amleth, a young Viking royal, witnesses the brutal murder of his father by his treacherous uncle, who cruelly kidnaps Amleth’s mother in the process. As A,leth stands on the precipice of manhood, tragedy thrusts him into the world of chaos and despair.

The team meticulously executed various enhancements for the movie, focusing on refining the actors’ appearances. They skillfully reduced under-eye bags, utilizing advanced techniques to achieve a more rejuvenated and rested look. Additionally, the incorporation of a split-screen technique added a dynamic visual element to the film. Atomic also paid close attention to detail fixing and enhancing facial hair, ensuring a seamless and polished presentation.


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