The Mosquito Coast


Rupert Wyatt et al.


Apple TV

Atomic Arts goes on the run with The Mosquito Coast.


Embark on a gripping adventure as we follow the journey of Allie Fox, a radical idealist and ingenious inventor, as he makes the bold decision to uproot his family in Mexico. Fleeing from the relentless pursuit of the US government, the Fox family navigates a treacherous path filled with danger, uncertainty, and unexpected challenges. Amidst the backdrop of a thrilling escape, they grapple with profound questions of freedom, loyalty and the pursuit of a better life.


The majority of the team’s efforts were focused on production and beauty fixes, with additional attention given to a few compositing adjustments to enhance the water’s appearance by adding a dirty effect.


Our very own Brooke Lyndon-Stanford and Justin Cornish had the incredible opportunity to supervise the entire series on-set! It is one of our proudest and most involved projects to date.


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