The Martian


Ridley Scott


20th Century Fox

An astronaut, Mark Watney is left behind on Mars when a fierce storm forces his team to evacuate presuming him dead. Now alone on the hostile planet, Watney must rely on his resourcefulness and scientific expertise to signal Earth that he’s alive and find a way to sustain himself until a possible rescue mission. Using his ingenuity, Watney creatively solved numerous challenges, from growing food in Martian soil to rigging communications equipment, all while facing the harsh realities of survival in an unforgiving environment. As Earth races against time to mount a daring rescue, Watney’s determination and wit becomes his greatest assets in the battle for survival against the odds.


Working in stereo at 4k, painting out wires & connection points to the astronauts ‘floating’ in zero gravity was no small feat. We also added set extensions, created background star fields, put in monitor screens and addressed mobile phone continuity issues. Having this calibre of plates with such a high standard of cinematography made the painstaking attention to detail all the more worthwhile, and we are truly proud to be a part of a film that simply makes you wonder. Shooting in space is not yet practical or affordable so Atomic Arts were pulled in to create the solar system for the trailer.