The Covenant


Guy Ritchie


MGM (Feature)

Sgt. John Kinley forms an unbreakable connection with local interpreter Ahmed during his final tour of duty in Afghanistan. The gripping narrative takes a harrowing turn when their unit is ambushed during a patrol, leaving Kinley and Ahmed as the sole survivors. In an extraordinary display of courage, Ahmed, risking his own life, undertakes the perilous task of carrying the injured Kinley across treacherous miles of grueling terrain, skillfully evading relentless enemy combatants in a poignant tale of survival and the unspoken bonds forged in the crucible of war.

Atomic served as the sole vendor on this incredible Guy Ritchie project. The movie benefited greatly from the exceptional work of our team, who skillfully integrated a wide range of gun battle effects to enhance action sequences. This included meticulously incorporating bullet cartridges, realistic muzzle flashes, impact bullet hits, convincing blood spatters, dynamic CG explosions, a detailed CG plane, a lifelike CG helicopter and atmospheric CG smoke.

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