Raj Singh Chaudhary


Netflix (feature)

In a remote Rajasthani village recently plagued by a series of violent killings, Siddharth, an antique dealer, embarks on a journey through the desolate landscape. Unknown to him, a mysterious stranger arrives in the same village situated in the Thar desert. As local inspector Surekha Singh diligently investigates the brutal murders, the paths of the enigmatic newcomer and Siddharth coverage. Their encounters unravel a gripping tale that combines the ancient allure of the desert with the intensity of a veteran cop’s pursuit of justice, weaving together a mysterious narrative that transcends time and transition.

The team seamlessly integrated lifeline CG animals into the movie, enhancing the visual narrative with their realism. Additionally, they conducted meticulous cleanup work to ensure a polished and visually cohesive final product.

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