Dexter Fletcher


Paramount Pictures

Rocketman catapults audiences into a mesmerizing musical fantasy, chronicling the extraordinary journey of Eltn John’s rise to fame. This vibrant biopic captures the essence of the legendary musician’s breakthrough years. Tarn Egerton embodies the flamboyant spirit of Elton John, from his early days as a musical prodigy at the Royal Academy of Music to his iconic collaboration with lyricist Bernie Taupin. Against a backdrop of electrifying performances and poignant storytelling.

Atomic’s expertly crafted VFX shots breathe life into the film’s final sequence, seamlessly integrating Egerton into the original pop promo video of “I’m Still Standing”. With its dazzling visuals and heartfelt exploration of John’s personal and professional evolution,k “Rocketman” is a cinematic spectacle that celebrates the transformative power of music and the spirit of one of the world’s most beloved icons.


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