It: Chapter Two


Andy Muschietti


Warner Bros.

Twenty-seven years have passed since the Losers Club’s harrowing battle with the malevolent entity Pennywise. Now scattered across different paths in life, the once-inseparable friends have drifted apart, until a haunting phone call reunites them in their hometown of Derry. As they confront the nightmarish memories of their past and the resurgence of Pennywise’s sinister presence, the Losers Club must band together once again to vanquish the ancient evil that threatens to consume their town and their very souls.


Atomic Arts already had the privilege to work on IT. On IT:2, we increased our workload performing on well over 200 shots of every different type, both 2d and 3d, culminating at the climax of the film, where all the caverns were created by Atomic as complex set extensions. Our favourite sequence is when an invisible Pennywise carves “Home At Last” on Ben’s stomach and CG blood oozes out.