With over 200 projects behind us, Atomic Arts track record places us ahead of the game in both business and technology.  We always draw from a wide client base, readily adapting to the changing nature of the industry.

Computer Generated Visual Effects, as we know them today, have only existed for 25 years. Justin Cornish and Brooke Lyndon-Stanford, founders of Atomic Arts have been business partners and part of it all from the start. Clwyd Edwards recently came on board at Atomic in 2016, having worked at MPC for 15 years where he was Global Head of VFX and responsible for setting up many studios around the world.  Lorna Dumba having worked at The Mill and Milk helping them to grow their companies in London and globally is our Head of Production. Mumbai’s Atomic director is Jatin Kumar.

Atomic's London studios are situated in the heart of London, a stone’s throw from major UK post production houses. Atomic boast four floors of in-house facilities, the latest software and hardware, multiple 3D and compositing workstations, an online HD edit suite and various meeting rooms. We have (unlike many of our competitors) fully embraced ‘the cloud’ for software and hardware, having been security approved by the major studios: Paramount, Disney and Marvel in both our London and Mumbai studios.

Atomic have always drawn from a wide client base and relied on a global loyal network of artists, so have been able to adapt to the changing nature of the industry. Today we have an international presence, with a solid base in Mumbai with over 60 people of high calibre and skill helping to support us a flexible ‘atomic like’ business model is not new to us and we have been able to adapt to the booms and slumps of the industry,  by being flexible but also entirely dependent on fostering a collaborative and loyal network of freelancers from around the globe.